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The HELP pupils curriculum Allotment project was created with young people in mind in
1998 to enable their full potential in basic gardening. Pupils learn about the soil, germination of seed, digging, planting, watering, weeding and harvesting. They are taught first hand experience of the changing situations of environment and weather conditions and how they effect peoples lives and crops. In line with school policies and curriculum programmes, the schedules are organised to involve and develop pupils full potential in basic gardening skills on the allotment plots. Since it's inception in 1998, the produce harvested from the project is donated to the senior citizens at the harvest festival.

Through the financial assistance of several funding bodies and from the local multi-cultural community individuals, headteachers and staff from local schools, local building contractors (see 'Our Supporters' page) and recently a paid part-time worker have all contributed to the successful operation and service delivery of the HELP project.

The HELP project has provided a model that other schools and local community projects may choose to adopt and has been featured on BBC's 'Gardener's World' television programme, magazines and local newspapers as well as visits by high ranking officials such as a visit from the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Michael Nangle.

Shades of Black Committee members are very grateful for the in-depth development strategies highlighted in the teaching and presentation techniques provided on site for all involved in learning through the link worker. This working experience has improved pupils awareness about human beings, plants, environmental issues and their self-esteem.

The HELP project, if funding is available for 2005, will continue to embrace the healthy eating lifestyle campaign through planting and harvesting fresh vegetables.

Most of the photographs in this gallery were taken by pupils who were involved in the HELP project. Being trusted to take photographs and operate video cameras was a main feature of the confidence building approach and social inclusion work of the project.

Please click for our gallery pictures of the HELP project.


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