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Mrs McGhie-Belgrave with local councillors, who in December 2008, have provided funding for a restoration of the inscriptions on the Stetchford Memorial. (photo copyright B 'Ham Mail.)

The poppy arrangements are displayed at the memorial cenotaph service, Albert Road, Stetchford, Birmingham


The project has attracted the interests of professionals. 3 interviews for BBC radio WM :- 1st was for the Veterans celebration at Stetchford Primary School. 2nd, was directly linked to the war project itself, and 3rd, newspaper publicity and written information in Stetchford Village Association News letter, publicity at its best.


Community people and Church organisers assemble around the Cenotaph memorial for a service in November

Community people and organisers assemble for a service at the Cenotaph

Community always ready for the cenotaph memorial service in Albert Road Stetchford

Led by the Police, organisers and Church members are marching to the Cenotaph memorial


Community people are walking towards the Cenotaph memorial

Poppies are laid at the Cenotaph memorial in Albert Road Stetchford, Birmingham


LLocal community people and representatives of organisations paying respect to the heroes of Word War 1

The organiser, dressed in red and white,speaking to community people

More representatives from organisations.Congratulations to the children involved from Stetchford Village, Birmingham.

The individuals dressed in blue and white are the organisers from All Saints Church Albert Road, Stetchford, Birmingham

The weather conditions sometimes are a hindrance but not today. Local community came to pay respect to the men who died in World War 1, at Albert Road, Stetchford, Birmingham

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