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Windrush Project

Following a succesful funding application for an award of nearly £5,000 from the Quest Millenium Awards in 1999 (see our Awards pages), 'Shades of Black' members, namely, Mrs E McGhie-Belgave and Mrs S Hyman, untook a black heritage project.

The project entitled 'After the Windrush: A journey from Paradise to Reality', presented a series of exhibitions that showed the experiences of residents who came to Birmingham from the West Indies during the time in the 50s known as the 'Windrush Years'. Prior to the Millenium award, the first exhibition had already taken place at Rookery Road Methodist Church, pictured below.

The exhibitions featured photographs, video, audio tapes, letters, clothing and other items which, with personal stories, chartered historical and educational facts. A number of these resources were generously lent to the exhibitions by members of the community.

All age groups from all nationalities were involved in the project that brought together church groups, youth clubs, school children and pensioners. Exhibitions were held in various places around Birmingham including Foundry Primary School, Cannon Street Baptist Church, Soho Road Library, Stetchford Baptist Church and other venues.


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