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Heritage Lottery Fund

Shades of Black Committee Members grant application was made to Heritage Lottery Fund for finance to support Black History Month Celebrations in 2003- 2004. SOB were successful in obtaining finance £5,000.00.

From the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn to Cultural Diversity and Community Cohesion.

The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn relates to the equator lines where the majority of Black and Ethnic minority people who have made a journey from their paradise to the reality of England.

Through such movements of the nations of people the creation of Cultural diversity and community cohesion is now the reflection of changes and challenges in England. This is about respecting our differences but accepting that we are all equal and one community.

Equal opportunities should be distributed by professional educationalists and politicians much more equally, so that people from The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, especially future generations, be given much better chances in education for us to work together to achieve our full potentials, including every other nation in the cohesive Community must be allowed to play a full and active role and in a culturally diversity and secure learning environment where respect for diversity is sovereign.

The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn to Cultural Diversity and Community Cohesion Programme was specifically planned to involve and educate pupils, Head teachers, Teaching staff, Parents and the whole communities of peoples, to develop a personal history to fulfil legacy of our fore parents, for future generation, of all nations.

The diversity of Shades of Black Committee Members planned programme of activities has informed engaged and educated individuals that were involved. This has reflected in the attendance of the Multi-Cultural Community people. Through the volume of interest generated by local community people the length of project was extended from October 2004 to December 2004.

The three schools that were involved in the Black History Month Celebration of Shades of Black programme of activities were:

· Handsworth Wood Girls school Head teacher, teaching staff, pupils and parents.

· Wilkes Green Infants and Nursery school Head teacher, learning mentors teaching staff, pupils and parents.

· Foundry Primary school Head teacher, teaching staff, pupils and parents.

The three schools presented a wide range of topical subject reflecting the school curriculum e.g. poetry, dances and salsa moves their performances and presentation were magical.

Kent Moat Library presentation was at Stechford Baptist Church Victoria Road, Stechford, Birmingham for two days, bringing books, photographs, exhibition of Black West Indian heroes for Local Community people participation and educational learning experience. An excellent presentation. Thank you.

Shades of Black involvement was an exhibition of the Windrush era 1950s 1990s memorabilia and artifacts collected from West Indians (Caribbean Islands). Local people living in England.

The exhibition was in Handsworth Wood Girls School for one day in July 2004.
At Wilkes Green Infant/ Nursery for 14 days in November 2004 where SOB Committee Members interacted with pupils in the classroom lessons. ' 'SOB presentation to the pupils was about working hard to achieve medals. The exhibition was about forgotten memories and reminiscing by artists, which including: dance, drumming and story telling.

At Foundry School for 10 days in December 2004.

Caribbean cuisine tasting was a part of lunch hospitalities for visitors, visiting parents and teaching staff.

A website is planned, as part of the programme of work which Shades of Black had undertaking over recent years. Thus 'Cancer and Capricorn' will not be lost.

The documentation via videos, booklet and website material will be presented to schools and libraries as research resources for educational purposes.

Shades of Black Committee Members are eternally grateful for the opportunity offered by Heritage Lottery Fund in financing "From The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn" to Cultural Diversity and Community Cohesion Project.

Shades of Black Committee Members were delighted to share this working experience in a creative, positive, learning and educational environment which was, and will be beneficial to all who were involved.

The unconditional love and devotion of Shades of Black for the Multicultural Community people of Handsworth and Stechford has enabled SOB to present excellent service delivery to the most valuable people in our local Community the young!

Thank you, all for helping SOB to help others when you possibly can.

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